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Example of a 12ft version of your design.

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The dual/solo panels. 6' tall at center.


Includes frame & swing/slide kit.

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Our Gate's Details

Everything you should know about your gate.

Driveway Gate Quality

Height: 6' tall, ≈5' shoulders with arch; includes 2" ground clearance.
Frame: 2"x2" premium thick square iron tubing, pre-drilled for hinges.
Solo Frames: Shipped in two pieces with two central bolt connections.
Cross Bar: 18" from the bottom. Strengthens and prepares gate for automation.
Iron Pickets: Round tubing, internally welded for an extremely clean look.
Wood Pickets: 1" thick redwood coated in transparent gold waterproof stain.
Posts: (7'-8')x4"x4" heavy square iron tubing with barrel hinges attached.
Hinges: Ball bearing with grease fitting. Bolt adjustable. Adds around 4 inches.
Sealant: Signature internal sealant for greater stability and weather resistance.
Gate Color * : Beautiful pure matte black powder coat.
Undercoat * : Rust resistant, environmental friendly, zinc & powder coat.
* : Individual gate frames over 8ft are painted high quality satin black.
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Contractor License #858178

C-61/D28: Doors, Gates and Activating Devices
C51: Structural Steel

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Product Portfolio

Remodeling and Home Design

StandardGates is a high quality wrought iron driveway gate manufacturer and distributor with over 30 years of ironwork experience. All of our gates are built for Do it Yourself (DIY) installations and can be easily installed by your everyday person. Unlike our competitors; our gates are heavy duty, highly moisture resistant, internally welded, custom sized to the inch, and ready within a week; a combination you won't find anywhere else. And best of all, due to our innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, our prices are the most cost effective in the industry!

StandardGates SG-02 Dual

Most Popular Gate

Automated arched dual swing.

StandardGates SG-04 Dual

Free shipping

Crated, loaded, and ready to ship.

StandardGates SG-04 Solo

Flat Top Gate

Manual with cane bolt locks.

StandardGates SG-03 Dual

Front of wood gate

With normal picket design.

StandardGates SG-04 Dual

16ft Blueprint

Dimensions for a dual swing gate.

StandardGates SG-03 Dual

Back of wood gate

Beautiful redwood with automation.

StandardGates SG-03 Solo

Invisible Welds

Close up of our signature pickets.

StandardGates SG-03 Solo

Heavy Duty Hinges

Ball bearing with grease fitting.

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